Out of Bounds?

I once read that “history doesn’t repeat itself, people do.” And the more I read history the more I realize people have encountered similar challenges, in different times, with the same fervor. You may not like Trump but he’s not the antiChrist. You may not have liked Obama but he isn’t the antiChrist. It’s highly possible that Trump is simply the 45th president and we’re all living in this time of history for a purpose. Trusting God is not only about accepting the new president, it’s more about accepting that He has placed each of us here for a time such as this.

This moment is not beyond the boundaries of human history or of God’s work among people. Consider the times and lives of people like Benjamin Banneker, Hans Asperger,  Richard Randolph, Jane Jacobs. Have the challenges of this generation been greater than those that preceded us? It’s not the end of the world, this is the middle of God’s work in history. I hope you’re up to the task of courageously loving your enemy, fervently praying, boldly living out your purpose, and speaking the truth in love.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; 

there is nothing new under the sun. -Ecclesiastes 1:9