My Sore Throat

“What amazed me was not what he said, but how on earth anybody had the courage to say it.”           Richard Wright 

It’s been eighteen months since I’ve written in this blog. I admit that in all the controversy and chaos in this world my voice got sore. My response was to walk and talk with those in my life; make a change where I am.

Though that’s a good intention, the truth is: I was lulled into silence. My voice grew weary because I had not realized the daunting task before us. With each gut-wrenching event that shook our country, the width of the chasm became clearer to me. I was disheartened to see people loosen their principles for a stronger grip on power. I was periodically tempted by the longing to go back to the days when we all got along but quickly realized it was only a mirage to give relief to an exhausted people parched by the scorching challenges of our time.

So I’ve examined powerful voices of the past to learn from their example. Their courage has been a balm to my strained voice and a buoy to my soul. Their example has taught me that silence is as much of a contribution to society as speaking. What I contribute is my choice and I prefer to speak.

So I’m writing again because I’ve found “the courage to say it.”

I’m writing again to encourage you to say it.

If you’ve been lulled into silence it is time for you to speak, to write, to create, and to dream. Resist the urge to make what you’re against the point of origin for your voice. Your voice is clearest and most profound when it emerges from your values, your purpose, and your identity.

Stay tuned for more posts in the future and I will be looking out for your courageous contribution too.