Questions I Ask

Where is the strong leadership that we need in our world today?

This is a question that I’ve asked myself many times. I delight in reading stories of great leaders throughout history and I wonder where leaders of this caliber reside today. We live in difficult times and we need leadership. But the truth is that there are thousands of people who are positioning themselves to be great leaders. Leadership books fly off store book shelves and race to the top of best seller lists. So are we really lacking leadership?

How many times did Jesus teach about leadership and how many times did he teach about serving?

What if the problem isn’t a lack of leaders but a deficit of servants. Jesus came not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45). When the salvation of the world was on the line we didn’t receive a leader but a servant.  Even King David is described as serving, “God’s purpose in his own generation…” (Acts 13:36).

Then what has He sent me to do?

This has been a thought brewing in my mind and stirring my heart. As I start a church in Baltimore City, I am now seeing the great need for servants. I can serve the community by providing direction, hope, truth, love, freedom, purpose and life in Jesus. Leaders can lead from afar but servants must draw near. That’s why Christ lived among us and why I must live among the people of Baltimore!

“You cannot serve people by giving them orders as to what to do.

The real servant of the people must live among them,

think with them, feel for them, and die for them.”

-Carter G. Woodson

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