All Things Work Together

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One of many fond memories of my four years leading high school ministry was our mission trip to Nogales, Mexico. A family from Timonium moved their family from to Mexico, to start a ministry among the people of Nogales.  This community is stricken by severe poverty and as you drive through the neighborhood you would could not identify the house of the family from Timonium. It fits in with the rest of the community. But when you walk in the home there are two beautiful brick chapels in the back and a Greek amphitheater that overlooks the city.

This place is called Cuirim house.  Cuirim is Celtic for incarnation and this house physically represents the truth that Jesus came and lived among us and at the same time embodied divine glory.

On July 20th the Gallery Church in Sowebo will meet in a building that fits in our community. I actually think many people drive by the building without knowing all that takes place inside. I am grateful that as we live out the gospel we will also occupy a building that communicates the gospel.

I am amazed to look back and see how the Lord has worked everything together. I had no idea that my experiences with a godly family living and serving their community in Mexico would be a tangible example of how I would do the same in Sowebo. God is good.

These are some pictures of the building and some friends discussing how Sundays will look. Thank you to everyone who has prayed, spoken an encouraging word, and financially contributed. This is only the beginning and we’re grateful to have a good start!

More information for Cuirim House in Mexico can be found at



3 thoughts on “All Things Work Together

  1. George, can you please send me the link to support you? I am praying for your family and I know that Sowebo will feel the Gospel “real time” when you and Steph and the kids move in!!

    1. Donna, thank you for your prayers! I added a “Give” page to the blog so that you and others can access that information. If you have any questions, please let me know. I miss you guys!

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