Where Are You Putting That?

It hurts to feel someone else’s pain. The reality is that people are going to feel the pain of this world whether we come alongside them or not. So I prefer to feel their pain with them rather than have them bear it alone. But I have a choice and they often don’t. Nevertheless, when I end a tiring day of ministry I sense that a loving Father watches me trudge into my house carrying the hurts of so many people. And I hear Him gently say, “Where are you putting that?”

This question is like the mild reminder a parent gives their child when they are putting something in the wrong place. In these instances, I am misplacing the burden of the brokenness of this world. It doesn’t belong on my shoulders. In my personal life I have learned to take my cares to the Lord. Now I am learning to sincerely trust Him with the cares of those I love.

At the end of the day the question remains: Is the One who is strong enough to bear my sin also able to bear the sins of the world (1 John 2:2)?

The answer to this question will determine how I share in people’s pain. I will either place it on my shoulders or in His pierced hands.

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