Helping that Leads to Healing

In recent days I have been overwhelmed by people’s desire to help the city of Baltimore. I have been equally overwhelmed by my inability to answer this simple question: “How can I help?”

Here is my public confession: I really don’t know.

It took me a while to understand why I couldn’t answer this question. After much thought I finally realized that I have a fear of our city receiving help without healing. Our greatest need is healing. Our systems, relationships, education, families, and communities need healing. The relational healing includes those between the cultures, races, and classes in our city. Our hurt has been evident through recent deaths, riots, and the destructive responses to these events.

So, here is my answer to the million dollar question: You can help by participating in the healing. Our healing has at least three components: time, bridges, and consistency. I will elaborate on each component in upcoming blogs.

One thought on “Helping that Leads to Healing

  1. Amen! This has been the million dollar question and I too have been at a loss for words. Yet haven’t been quick to jump on any specific directives in regards to action. Lot of listening, believing God will instruct, lead and show Us how to move into what hes doing in all of this.

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