Just off My Bookshelf: What You Have Heard Is True

I don’t read many memoirs or autobiographies. Blind spots are difficult to avoid when we tell our life stories from our perspective. I tend to enjoy biographies more because the writer weighs a person’s life, the thoughts of others, and the moment in history to shape the story of a life.

Yet I found myself engulfed in this book and unable to put it down. This book came to my attention when it was listed as a finalists for the National Book Award. It’s a rather quick read and the author slowly unfolds the story leaving you wondering what will happen next. Carolyn Forche takes readers through her journey of understanding the weight of oppression and the prevalence of corruption. Her story carries you along her journey and at the same time takes you on your own journey of how you can engage in the world around you. There are a few pages from this book that will remain with me for a long time.

Some quotes that stood out to me:

Try to see. Look at the world, he’d say, and not at the mirror.

Hope also nourishes us. Not the hope of fools. The other kind. Hope, when everything is clear. Awareness. 

It isn’t the risk of death and fear of danger that prevent people from rising up. It is numbness, acquiescence, and the defeat of the mind. Resistance to oppression begins when people realize deeply within themselves that something better is possible. 

You have to be able to see the world as it is, to see how it is put together, and you have to be able to say what you see. 

I believe with my life…how I live






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