3 Necessary C’s: #1

Every movement has a moment but every moment is not a part of a movement. Our actions in a given moment may reveal our convictions but it is our consistent actions in every moment that reveal our character.  Consistency is vital to our faith and our work. It is the accumulation of consistent moments that lead to lasting movements.

And the adversary of consistency is compromise. Compromise smoothes the edges of consistency and dulls the impact of our work.Throughout history social and spiritual revival was led by those who did not compromise. Spiritual revivals were frequently preceded by devoted seasons of prayer. Culture has often changed because people continued to show up and to speak out.

On the other hand, we often find ourselves seeking a significant moment and then returning back to the mundane rhythm of life. If we want to witness a movement in our city, then Sundays can’t be our only moments of worship. Bible study can’t be the only time we open the Bible. Meals can’t be our only time to pray. Church outreach can’t be the only time we serve.

The Lord has given us and called us to so much more. He has given us everything we need to not just live godly moments…but also godly lives (2 Peter 1:3).


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