Just Off My Bookshelf: Great Bridge

I read this book to learn what it takes to build a physical bridge so I could gain insight in building relational bridges. One of the strongest points I learned was that every bridge builder must consider how much of a load their bridge can bear. Bridges (even relationally) are about connecting two sides but also about withstanding the burden of those loads (people, cars, ideas) that need to travel over. With an uncertain challenges approaching the city I think the insights are applicable.

David McCullough is a prolific author and this book is one of his many works. There may be more details to the process than you can digest but its a good story.

A few quotes:

“It was an absolute no man’s land below, but here above it had been conquered, bridged, beautifully.”

“Nothing lasts forever. The most unforeseen circumstances will swamp you and baffle the wisest calculations. Only vitality and plenty of it helps you.” ‘

“The foundations for the support of these large masses of masonry must be unyielding.”

-The architect of the bridge about the importance of foundation.

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